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Pros and Cons of Green Energy

Energy is the main requirement in running your day to day lives. There are hundreds if not thousands of energy sources out there and some are available to you naturally throughout the world. Depending on which electrical energy you choose they are categorized in two sources which are renewable and non renewable.

Pros of renewable sources of energy

1. Renewable energy sources are renewable and can easily be regenerated. This is unlike fossil fuels that would perish once used.
2. Renewable source like solar produce clean energy that does not pollute the environment. Reason for this is because no burning is required during the process.
3. This is most important, renewable energy are available worldwide so producing it as a form of cheap electricity means it is available forever. Take for example, solar energy is everywhere as the sun will always be shinning for year to year.


Cons of renewable sources of energy

All is not gold when it comes to saving on your average electricity bill. There can be some drawbacks once introduced to the ecology. Some of these limitations are as followed
1. Hard to produce a large amount of energy equivalent to that produced by fossil fuels.
2. The weather would sometimes affect the reliability of the power needed daily. A good example, hydro generators need constant rainfall that will overflow the dams, wind turbines only rotate if there is high wind speed.

Nonrenewable energy sources.

These type of energy have continued to produce constant energy throughout the world. This is because of their high availability. Sources of nonrenewable energy can be attributed to natural sources that are not regenerated once the source is depleted. Classified as fossils fuels such as coal and petroleum products like diesels and natural gas.


Pros of nonrenewable sources of energy

Natural gas in some areas burns without any smog so it pollutants do not affect the environment.
1. Transportation is very easy for most nonrenewable sources from one place to the next. Items such as petroleum oils which can be transported through pipes.
2. Production cost is low in nonrenewable energy since they are naturally available. Furthermore they are cheap to transform from one form of energy to another.

Cons of nonrenewable sources of energy

1. Green house gases are the worst thing in regards to the contribution to global warming. Coal produces carbon dioxide when it is burned and this can cause harmful effects to the environment.
2. Once these sources are used they are gone replacing it makes it more expensive.

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